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Exclusive education in English at the best resort in Greece

About Us

Learn who we are and how we work

Who we are?

Halkidiki. Northern Greece. The Aegean. What a beautiful place to be! A few years ago, we happened to fall upon this enchanted area and almost immediately a thought occurred: if we love this place so much probably others will appreciate it as well, and, from then on Summer Children – Summer Camp was born.

For the past several years, SC has been operating in cooperation with the Grand Resort Porto Carras! And, because our intent – to show children an exhilarating, educational, English language summer experience — is met with such warmth and success, other hotels wish to work with us. We are happy to include the Blue Dolphin Hotel into the ever expanding SC family!




SC Philosophy?

To have fun! To enjoy the beach, the water, the sun! To share laughter, to dance, sing, run, and play. Children give out a tonne of energy and in turn need a tonne of attention. At SC we have the staff to harness this energy and turn it into a positive experience. Parents should have a chance to rest knowing that their child is learning at his/her highest potential, and enjoying it at the same time!

At SC we instill a positive belief in them and each other. We promote positive social interaction. They begin to understand that there is no problem so great it cannot be solved. They begin to work together and understand that a group is stronger than an individual. All the while the children are immersed in the English Language concentrating on increasing comprehension and vocabulary be it written, spoken or read.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Daniel

Mr. Daniel


Welcome to Summer Children Summer Camp! We are happy to have you join us in lovely Halkidiki. Ms. Holly and I have been coming here since 2011 and Anton, Dyanna, Vika and Svyeta simply love it. The air, the sea, the sun re-vitalizes our senses and invigorates our bodies. We have been involved in educating young children for many years now in Canada and Russia, and remain quite involved in the OC-Our Children Our School nursery in Moscow. We are very pleased to be able to offer a wonderful educational holiday for your children in Greece during the summer month of July!

 Ms. Holly

Ms. Holly


Hello! My name is Holly and I am a teacher by trade, talent, and heart. I am fascinated with the learning process and enjoy the challenges that come with different types of learning. I am very creative and strive to grab my learners’ attention with song, story, and/or contagious enthusiasm! Children are curious by nature and I love to work with this innocent curiosity to create an environment that is safe, loving, and productive.




Good day! My name is Helen Alisova, though at SC I was simply Ms. Helen I am a primary school teacher by profession, yet, a few years ago, I found myself working as an administrator at wonderful OC playschool in Moscow. However, I found that, accomplishing my office duties did not deter me from enjoying the youngsters on a daily basis. Children are wonderful! And now that Mr. Daniel’s dream of opening an English Language Immersion camp in a sunny exotic location has become a reality, I cannot call it work: swimming with the children, playing on a beach, watching cartoons, creating crafts, making soap – all in the English Language! We had an amazing group of children this summer. It was a pleasure to be a part of such positive energy in learning. I can hardly wait for July 2014 to see what next adventures will be with SC.





Hello, my name is Ms.Lena and I’m very happy to be part of the SC family! I greatly enjoy working with kids, whether playing, singing, craftwork, dancing, cooking, reading, painting. It is simply fun! It’s a pleasure to share such positive energy in a friendly and lovely place like Greece, where every day is warm and bright! Swimming, playing at the beach and participating in other interesting activities, children don’t even notice that they are learning English language skills at the same time. That’s why I really look forward to our next Summer Camp in July! See you there!




Hello! My name is Fillitsa Grekou.  I’m a Greek student at a chemical engineering university in Thessaloniki. For me, Chemistry stirs my interest but working with children fires up my passion. All my life I was surrounded by little brothers, sisters and cousins, so I’m used to cultivating new ways to communicate with them – helping to develop their imagination, challenge their minds and improve their skills. Greece is an ideal place for a child to enjoy the sun, the sea and of course to experience the learning process in a safe and healthy environment that Mr. Daniel’s team provides for you. Working at the SC is always quite an adventure! The children are wonderful and I honestly love them all; the way they act, think and enjoy our daily routine.  I cannot wait for next year!

What We Do

A lot more than a typical summer school

At SC we offer a 10-hour daily English Immersion children’s programme for 3-weeks in July. All children enjoy a safe caring environment with experienced teachers, on a ratio of 1 teacher to 3 children. Teachers will be surrounding your children throughout the day, involving them in all types of appealing activities.

We are inviting you to join us in a healthy, exotic environment where your child will have an opportunity to be part of a group of English speaking children led by a Canadian team of teachers.

Your child will have the time and place necessary to gain valuable life experience by immersing into a different environment and becoming part of a unique form of the learning process.

Our Teachers are trained and ready to support each child’s newfound thoughts and feelings, and to encourage positive communication.


A full day of learning and creative play!

Daily Programme*

09.00 – 10.00 Gather, Take Attendance & Put on Sunscreen

10.00 – 12.00 Snack, Games and Fun in the Sun

12.00 – 13.00 Circle time & Academics, Theme introduction

13.00 – 14.00 Lunchtime!

14.00 – 15.30 Resting with Cartoons & Naptime for the younger children

15.30 – 16.45 Academic Continuation; Project Work, Arts & Crafts!

16.45 – 17.00 Snacktime

17.00 – 19.00 Back to the Beach!

*Every Monday: Rest day and Tours

Programme Guide

– Dispositions & attitudes

– Self-confidence & self-esteem

– Making relationships

– Behaviour & self-control

– Self-care

– Sense of community

- Language of communication

– Language of thinking; of listening

– Linking sounds and letters

– Reading, Writing and Handwriting

- Swimming, Beach Time Sand Castles!

– Running, Jungle Gym

– Relays, Football, Frisbee

- Arts and Crafts!

– Music, Dance

– Imagination Stations

– Enactment, Drama



Greece: (+30) 6987-113-243
Russia: +7-495-502-9561

Porto Carras S.A., Sithonia, Chalkidiki